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Important Announcement

Can You Help Ensure a Future for the Woodmancote Society?

Founded in 1978, the Woodmancote Society has a fine pedigree of fostering a sense of community and identity in the Village, primarily through the range of events & activities we have organised & run. We have over 400 members and 
continue to provide a range of successful activities.

However, we have now unfortunately reached a point where we are struggling to maintain the viability of the Society. It has not proved possible to find a replacement Secretary and a number of other key members will be leaving the
Committee by the next AGM in March 2017.

If we are unable to build the Committee to its full strength in the coming months, there will sadly be no alternative other than to dissolve the Society at the next AGM.

The Woodmancote Society is very much a part of the character of the village and what makes it a special place to live. It would be a real loss if the Society were no longer able to continue.

To avert this situation, if you know of anyone willing to join the committee and share its workload, please either contact one of the existing Committee Members or let us know via the Suggestions & Comments page of this website.

The Committee meets quarterly, and the work is congenial and not onerous