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The Final Curtain Call?

For nearly 40 years, the Woodmancote Society has served the local community by mounting an annual programme of social events and activities of various sorts. The Society has much to be proud of in its contribution to enhancing the quality of village life.  It founded the Woodmancote Mayday Fair and over the years has used surplus funds to support different Village needs.

In the last Woodmancote News we indicated that there was the possibility that the Society would have to cease operation next year.

Since the publication of that article, unfortunately the situation has not improved.  While some events continue to be well supported, the trend is falling attendance numbers and long established events such as the New Year's Eve Barn Dance have had to be cancelled. In parallel, a number of committee members will be standing down at the next AGM and as yet we do not have successors in place. We need a fresh start.

To re-invigorate the Society and avoid it closing down, we urgently need some new committee members.  If this does not happen, regrettably it is highly likely that at the March 2017 AGM we will have to propose the dissolution of the Society. 

If you would be willing to serve on the committee as an active member please email us at woodmancote.society@gmail.com no later than the end of January 2017.

If you would like to talk through what it might involve please contact either:

Celia Gordon-Smith - Tel: 01242-677195 or

Alan Green - Tel: 01242-672964