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The Phoenix Rises!

At the AGM in March we all agreed that although the Society was generally healthy, we needed to refresh the committee. we are happy to report that after considerable uncertainty and hard work, a number of members have stepped forward to take up the challenge and help lead the Society into new life, alongside the ‘old timers’ whom were elected at the AGM.

The new committee will be smaller than the twelve-member group set out in the constitution, but it will be supported by a wider group of Really Useful Members (RUMs) who will support and perhaps lead individual events. This has worked well for our theatre visits and walks in the past as it will allow more people to contribute in different ways according to their differing strengths and interests. We plan to restart the programme of events rather cautiously, allowing the new team to settle in. We will start with a traditional Summer Walk from the Apple Tree and build slowly from there.

Since our programme this year will be rather thinner than usual, we will not collect subscriptions for 2017 – you have a free year!  Fortunately, we have sufficient in the bank to allow this. We normally use the subscription as a means of updating our membership lists, recruiting new neighbours and retiring those who have moved away. We also gather email addresses where we can as this lightens the administrative load. 

If this applies to you, or you would like to volunteer to be a RUM, please let us know by clicking hereproviding appropriate details and pressing "Submit"  

The Society Lives - Long Live the Woodmancote Society!